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Disrupting routine is now routine for me ....
I’m passionate about living life to the fullest. I use to think there was not much to do in Sydney and so I travelled overseas a fair bit, thinking why couldn’t Sydney be like some of the places I visited – Paris, London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Dubai. I either have been asleep or Sydney has woken up. Once in awhile, new people unexpectedly cross your path and open your eyes and mind up to new ways of seeing and experiencing things and I realised there was so much I could see, taste and do without leaving Sydney. How could I be working at the same place for years in the CBD and not know about an awesome hole in a wall café that is only five minutes’ walk away?

Disrupting my normal routine is now routine for me. I now make a conscious effort to try something different – turn up to that inspiring talk, go and watch that quirky movie that I would not otherwise see, learn to dance, see a comedy, learn to sing, try a new restaurant or café in a hidden laneway, listen to a live symphony orchestra, turn up to a little known but interesting networking event and meet new people.

My writing has been featured in: Weekend Notes, Urbanspoon and Yelp, online publications which attracts readership in the millions.

I write review articles on anything interesting and quirky, that a Sydney local would ‘see, taste or do’. If I don’t try it, don't like it, I don’t blog it…it’s as simple as that. I only write about things I recommend and don’t waste time writing about things that I don’t. I don't accept paid advertising. My Blog is a curation of only things I've experienced and recommend.

See: This category covers anything that is interesting involving an experience that you can 'see'. Don’t laugh, as a Sydney local I have been on tours of Sydney that are not your normal run of the mill and have seen some amazing architecture.

Taste: This obviously involves anything that I recommend you should ‘taste’. If I write about cafes or restaurants, then I tend to focus on establishments in the ‘pretty damn good’ category. Anything mediocre or average are not worth mentioning.

Do: This category of things generally involves anything I recommend you ‘do’. For example shopping, a workshop, learning about something new or anything that stimulates all of your senses for an enhanced experience.

Also, I love start-up businesses and their new ideas that disrupt the market in some way, either by coming up with new innovative ways to solve problems, launching exceptional products and delivering excellent customer service. These start-ups deserve recognition and I ensure the good word is spread. If there are new products or services on the market, then I am passionate about giving these new businesses a go.

Finally, the message that there is more to life than just work and material possessions was driven home to me after a close family member (my dad) passed away few years ago. Life’s disruptions tend to do this to you. It was Dad’s hard work, determination and inspiration over the years I was growing up that gave me the opportunity to ensure my life later on was that much easier than his, to be in tune to every opportunity that crosses your path, to be passionate, enthusiastic and love everything you do, and to simply experience and have a good life. I have much to be grateful for and I dedicate this site to him.

Disrupt your normal routine so that it becomes routine. Go on, just try something different.

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  1. I love your blog Jen! I totally agree, Sydney has so much to offer and I am only just scraping the tip of the iceberg myself. I used to think travelling overseas was so much more interesting and other places where more vibrant and cultural. Yet, having just been to India for a month, going away is what made me rediscover how beautiful my own city is. It is full of so many cultures, awesome cafes and interesting festivities - something new is always on the rise! Good on you for stepping out of your routine and exploring all that Sydney has to offer and showcasing it in such a beautiful way. I can only hope to do the same myself!