Thursday, September 14, 2017

Style Diary :: Alannah Hill in Mayfield Gardens

I’ve travelled a fair bit now since I’ve had my blog. I’m always up for new experiences and challenges on what there is to see, taste and do that is not too far from home. I travelled to Mayfield Garden recently and it’s such a beautiful place to be, so peaceful and allows me to be reflective. I was just thinking through my travels and the process of meeting new people and businesses, some people provide services that you think “that’s different” and some provide services that are quite homogenous where I think “oh I can get that back at home”, which particularly rings true for the restaurant and hospitality business. I’ve come to realise that the differentiator though despite providing “the same thing” as someone else is having a great personal relationship with someone, someone who isn’t only "just a customer". Even if their product or service may be a little more expensive, people keep coming back to them because of the strength of their relationship, “they always know what I want” and they are consistent, which secures customer loyalty. Of course, strong relationships doesn’t happen overnight and great relationships and loyalty are built over time. The reverse is also true in that good relationships can be unwound in seconds due to in most cases, distrust. Another aspect is getting your foot on the door, which can happen through word of mouth and leverage from our old customers and referrals and the value of an introduction. Never underestimate the value of an introduction.

I read a good article in the other day about building great business relationships. Having good relationships with someone doesn’t magically happen. Here are a few tips:

1. Communication. Obvious but people forget. Saying the things you want or don’t want ensures everyone is on the same page.

2. Quality time. No one likes feeling like second priority. Spend time with those that you hope to build relationships with. Put down your phone, be fully present.

3. Laughter. Laugh a lot with someone else-that's the easiest way to create a stronger connection. Knowing that you both are sharing in the same revelry will help foster camaraderie.

4. Generosity. Even though you may not think that people notice, it pays to be kind. People always remember when you buy them a cup of coffee, loan them an umbrella when it's raining, or reward them for landing them new business. Being generous with each other is an easy, but usually sincere, way to show that you care about and value this person without needing to say much at all.

5. Commitment. Following through is one of the most important aspects of relationship building that gets neglected today. The ability to commit to your words, whether it's something as simple as getting lunch or something as important as a promised promotion, is inarguably the thing people look for most in good relations. Don't make the mistake of being the one who flakes.

Thank you to Alannah Hill for partnering with me for this weekend outfit out at Mayfield Garden. I wore SS17 Secret Garden Dress which is perfect for the surroundings and with the Winter chill still in the air, my beautiful emerald green Versailles coat kept me warm. There are regular sales on at Alannah Hill and you can check out their website for more details on their beautiful collections.



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