Sunday, September 24, 2017

Amity Created :: Tea for Tomorrow at The Grounds of Alexandria

Pause for a minute and think about someone you know who has been affected by cancer … I can think of a few people who have been a part of my life but no longer with us because of cancer. I spent my Sunday at The Grounds of Alexandria with Danielle Libri of Amity Created (Instagram
@amitycreated) for the Tea For Tomorrow to support and raise awareness for the good work done by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (Instagram @cancer_researchau). 

I first met Danielle about three years ago now and we first connected via Instagram. We only met each other in person today. Danielle, a school teacher by trade (although she tells me, “This is probably my last year teaching) also has a creative streak. I called upon Danielle to design some labels for me for Christmas and wedding cards around the time I first started my blog and we have followed each other on social media ever since. There is a beautiful and feminine softness to her designs and now she designs quite stunning tea cups including the cups that were used for the event at The Grounds of Alexandria.

Danielle, like me, sadly lost her grandmother to cancer and so organised this event with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. The reality is we all probably have been touched by cases where someone close to us has suffered from cancer and I learnt the work this organisation does is amazing.

I also connected with a lovely lady called Liviana Oprea at the event who told me some interesting stories today from the people at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has done like the recent discovery of a dog who can sniff out lung cancer at the earlier stage of its progress which led to a grant to Professor Kwun Fong from the organisation to further develop technology to identify markers for lung cancer that might be present in the breath, blood or lung fluids at a very early stage of the disease.

I'm please to connect with these amazing people and be part of this event to support this extremely worthy cause.

For more information on future events ...

Amity Created

Australian Cancer Research Foundation

See.Taste.Do was invited as a guest of Amity Created

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