Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Personal reflection :: What inspired me in the past week?

Dress wise, the explosion of floral prints in Australian retail stores is a sure sign the warmer weather is coming. I don’t mind the corporatised garden party look, meaning the floral prints I wear need to be suitable as corporate office attire without looking like I’m off to a Sunday garden party. The various shades of blue would also make this suitable for office attire too.

You can get away with it if you have an explosion of florals on the top and long plain skirt that is well cut to fit your body shape, clean silhouette in a matching colour, a tone darker to the top, to complement the top, creating an optimistic, refreshing, very clean crisp office outfit. The outfit is a play between something nostalgic but something very modern, between something feminine and something confident. Of course, paired with small heels that has elements of the colours in your floral print. But it’s not time to ditch the long overcoat yet as with climate change, we can have absolutely freezing temperatures in the morning or in the evening and like an umbrella, I always need to carry a coat with me. A simple straight wool jacket in a matching shade is what I chose to wear with this outfit. It all works for the office. Do you agree?

What else inspired me in the past week? Looking back, these are somethings that inspired me in the past week.
  1. In a world where going fast is too slow these days, I couldn’t be happier with ordering online from the Peters of Kensington store and to discover that I can actually pick up at its Barangaroo store which is just next door to where I work with no postage cost. Of course if I ordered a massive blender, then carrying it home on the train might be a bit of a struggle, but a nice table cloth is manageable.
  2. When thinking about how I was going to present food for guests I’m having over this weekend, I realised I don’t need to own everything to be able to present food nicely. I came across a lovely lady who hires out her styling material for events and she lives in the next suburb so super convenient. The Pedestal is the name of her business.
  3. Friends I’ve made through the blog. Truly, I’m so truly lucky to have these people in my life because we help each other out and this time it was my turn to call upon their assistance. On a quick message, I virtually have access to all the fresh food I need and delivered to my door for last minute functions at home or in the office.
  4. All recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook. Seriously anything longer than that, you are better off dining out or you're overcooking and over preparing your food.
  5. I haven’t had food poisoning for awhile and last week was a reminder of how dreadful it is when I couldn’t eat a single thing at my mum’s birthday celebrations. I ate something either off chicken or off milk in coffee that disagreed with my gut and boy that was a painful experience. I went gluten and dairy free, substituting milk for rice or almond milk, and even tried gluten free Weet-Bix in my banana smoothie with rice milk, since then and still on that diet and it actully makes me feel good with a less bloated feeling. How we take for granted what we consume. It’s good to go on these diets once in awhile to see how your body responds. This diet and combined with sipping herbal tea throughout the day, eating fresh fruits, weekly exercise routine of dance, PT training and going for short sprints and runs has made my skin glow more and keep my weight balanced.
  6. Drinking high quality Chinese tea in small little tea pots is much more mindful than larger tea pots – plus large tea pots are a waste of tea and water.
What has inspired you?

Top by Sheike & Co
Skirt by Bec and Bridge
Jacket by Jigsaw Australia
Shoes by Nine West



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