Sunday, December 11, 2016

Travel Diaries: In Dubai, the peak of fine dining: High Tea at the Burj Khalifa

I stepped in the lift and watched the floor number display in the lift rise, rise and rise, 10 …20 …30 …40 …50 …60 ….80…110 …123. High Tea experience at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world was nothing short of extraordinary. This literally was a (very) High Tea experience, at the At.mosphere Lounge in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 

I was only in Dubai, the City of Gold for 36 hours in transit on my way to Barcelona in Spain three weeks ago, and it is a city that is difficult to ignore. It made an impression on me that was enough to treat it more than just a stopover. Dubai does hotels, buildings and food experiences that makes everything else you have seen look like appetisers.

We did get lost initially in getting there as our taxi driver dropped us in the Dubai Mall thinking we could easily walk there but with the road construction that was on when we were there, we couldn’t easily walk there so the tip is to ask the taxi driver to drop you off at the Armani Hotel and access to the At.Mosphere Lounge is via the lobby of the Armani Hotel.

Being in a lift getting to and arriving at Level 123 was an experience in itself that will fill you with excitement and wonder: the mix feelings of anticipation of discovering what it’s like to be on a floor that high up from Earth and the physicality of your ears popping as you gradually rise above ground. 

At.Mosphere Lounge is actually on Level 122 but you take the lift to Level 123 and then walk down the stairs and as you walk down the stairs, your jaw will drop as to the sheer height of the level you are standing on. "It looks like Naboo from Star Wars, or intergalactic Lego Land", I said to my husband. If you go to the Burj Khalifa website you can read 160 stories about the Burj Khalifa. One of the stories is that did you know the interiors of At.mosphere were designed by New York-based Adam Tihany. The restaurant's three distinct parts occupy the entire floor, providing panoramic views of Dubai and the desert and sea beyond. And also the Burj Khalifa's motif shows how pattern of the tower is built upon the repetition of a single basic geometrical motif that is reminiscent of Islamic art and architecture. I could spend all day reading them. Having been there now, the stories are so fascinating.

We experienced High Tea, flavours of English tradition accented with French flair which was accompanied by the relaxing strains of harpist Harjoot Singh. The High Tea we selected was the the La Gourmandise option for a classic collection of mini sandwiches, pâtisserie, scones and fresh berries, and there was a vast range of teas to choose to from.

Presentation of high tea was meticulous and outstanding and I love how the stands on which the sweets and savouries sit are on mirror reflected glass, which reflects the abundance of light that streams into the At.Mosphere Lounge.

This was a  remarkable experience, one that will well and truly stimulate all five senses. If you are in Dubai for a short stopover, I would definitely recommend a High Tea experience at the At.Mosphere Lounge in the Burj Khalifa.

122nd Floor,
Burj Khalifa,
Dowtown Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

See.Taste.Do was invited to dine as a guest of At.Mosphere Lounge

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