Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stylediaries: Style for the Holiday Season 2016 with THEPEACHBOX

Season Greetings! With the holiday season upon us means I have more time to play with style and makeup. You can thank my Opera Australia singing friend Jenny Liu for the recent beauty and makeup addiction but also my greater awareness for skincare came from travelling where a skincare specialist I saw in Dubai during a spa treatment suggested I needed 'more nutrition' for my skin. My skin became dehydrated from flying, travelling and a lack of sleep with early morning itineraries but also, it has become less resilient to stress as I get older. So I've sort to fix that with a bit more research and chats with Jenny on skincare and also makeup generally and with new brands like Dr Jart, a Spanish luxury brand called Natura Bisse recommended by my spa therapist in Dubai now in my skincare routine and MAC, Bite Beauty, Makeup Foreever, Stila Cosmetics in my makeup routine, as well drinking more water, morning jogs during the holiday period until dance classes resume again next year and a good healthy diet, my skin is looking a lot better and brighter.

Speaking of style, let's talk accessories. I've treated having a watch like my skincare and makeup in the past. ie I haven't changed it for awhile. But I recently was introduced to a brand called The Peach Box, which has a beautiful and elegant range of watches. I have the silver mesh banded watch with diamond like studs on the clock face. It adds a different dimension to my outfits and creates a contemporary, effortless, minimalist style which is also suitable for either casual weekend wear or dressed up a bit for the corporate office. You can get it with a matching pearl embrace bangle too. I wore it with my travel gear to the Middle East, loose casual pants with paisley prints from Sheike and Co, a white top that covers the shoulders by Spanish brand, Massimo Dutti and a handbag from Seed Heritage. The watch retails for A$199 and the bangle retails A$42. Here are a few photos I took of The Peach Box watch.

The watch and bangle are available for THEPEACHBOX website.

See.Taste.Do collaborated with THEPEACHBOX and MARC BALE on this blog post



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