Sunday, November 13, 2016

See.Taste.Do Weekend Diary: Day Out with Artists in Sydney

I love Sydney. This is my home and there is always so much to see, taste and do. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday from singing Happy Birthday with our Prime Minister to meeting a gorgeous Mexican perfume and scent maker, Carlos Huber who is here in Sydney launching his new fragrance range. It was one of those days where, although you know where you need or want to be, there was an element of spontaneity and surprise that makes the day memorable and usually it’s the people you meet and come across. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

From Northern Italy, Classico Moderno pops up in Darlinghurst

"What's the difference between Northern Italian cuisine and Southern Italian cuisine?" I asked Chef Bryan Gerlini whom I met yesterday at his new pop up Italian restaurant Classico Moderno Restaurant on 172-174 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst in Sydney. "The food is richer in Northern Italy," he tells me, "With the use of more dairy products. The south has more of a Mediterranean influence, so seafood and salads are quite prominent".

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Banksii Restaurant in Barangaroo Sydney

“Those dandelions in the snapper are foraged and we ferment our own chillis.” Angelica, our waitstaff told us, pointing towards the rows of jars on the shelf in the Banksii Restaurant, one of a few restaurants that have recently opened in Barangaroo. Barangaroo has become quite a food scene. I’ve seen the development of Barangaroo from the beginning, having heard endless drilling and cranes, gone through several fire drill (and one real fire) evacuations, as I worked in one of the neighbouring office blocks before moving into the International Towers. It was hard to imagine at the time that it could become a village, a foodies village, where people would want to hang out. Well now it is the latest hipster place in Sydney to eat, drink and shop with David Jones opening last week. Barangaroo is the New Sydney.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Style Diaries :: What Lounge Suit means

Party season is approaching. When an invitation hits your inbox that says “Attire: Lounge suit” what do you wear? Well after numerous correspondence with my fashion blogging friend Scarlett from Trends VIP, we worked out that lounge suit is a formal dress, that is usually long but you can get away with knee length and a bit more dressier than cocktail dress code but not as formal as a black tie event. Fabric for lounge suits is less embellished and opulent than a full gown. If the event said “black tie” then I would have worn a full length embellished gown. You should feel smarter than office tire and more sophisticated. Hair should be done by your hairdresser for the occasion to ensure it stays in its place with the lounge dress.