Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend recipe :: Pesto Pappardelle with Chilli Tuna and Asparagus


I look at recipes all the time but I rarely follow them word for word as I like to experiment, thinking "what if I added this instead?".

Usually the change in ingredients happens in my head when I'm at the local grocer and seeing and listening to the storeowner's view on what's in season and available. It's nice having that relationship of trust with your local grocer and supplier. I trust his word when he tells me what's in season. I actually wanted to get broad beans today as fresh broad beans are in season but they were out of stock until Monday. So I got asparagus instead for my pasta dish.  Today's dinner (and tomorrow's leftovers for lunch) is Pesto Pappardelle with chilli tuna and asparagus. After cooking the pasta as per the packet instruction, or a minute under, set it aside. Pan fry pieces of fresh or canned tuna with chilli and anchovies in a pan to release the flavours and then add chopped up asparagus. Then toss in pasta with pesto sauce. This is another easy to make dinner with Barilla's 7 minute Pappardelle All'uovo

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