Friday, March 25, 2016

Stylediary: Exquisite Custom Made Jewels by Tessarella House

Dabbled in a bit of jewellery photography yesterday (tricky business) … These are my jewels for next week’s blogging event, created by Tessarella House.  Behind the boutique business, Tessarella House are two lovely talented creative sisters, Anna and Contessa who specialise in custom made jewellery. They are my go to ladies for custom made jewellery for big dress up events where you need that little bit of icing on the cake of dress elegance like weddings, red carpet, birthdays, any special event really, but even if you want something special for no reason at all, they can design something bespoke for you without breaking the bank. They recently relocated to Alexandria where you can see their creative works at their boutique.

To custom make the pieces for you, Anna and Contessa would firstly ask you to try at least three pieces to get the vibe of your taste ... and so I did and it seems I have a natural tendency to the Art Deco designs. I like the eclectic timeless craft motifs combined with machine age imagery with its rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. They design jewellery around your personality, your dress and the event. Once the design is set, the pieces are soldered, they hand set the stones before sending them off to their final journey of colour finish including rhodium, gold, rose gold, brass and antique colours. They custom make jewellery for all budgets.

These are my custom made jewellery for next week's event for the opening night of a new broadway musical coming to Sydney's Capitol Theatre, Fiddler on the Roof. I don't have my ears pieced so they modified the earrings so they were clip-ons but don't look like clip-ons and more importantly they don't hurt!

I first met Anna and Contessa when they designed my beautiful bridal jewels 2 years ago and I keep coming back to them for new designs for each special event. The ladies at Tessarella House are so patient and lovely and I really don’t know anyone else who custom makes jewellery for each event like these lovely ladies do. Absolutely love your work, Anna and Contessa!

Unit 19, 20-28 Maddox Street
Alexandria NSW 2015

Sun / Mon - Closed
Tues to Friday 10.00am - 5:00pm
Sat 11.00am - 4:00pm
After hours by appointment

P 02 9326 9984

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