Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dressed in Kitten D'Amour Vintage Glamour

Kitten D’Amour outfits are versatile enough to bring out the ‘roar’ for that special event or a mellow ‘meow’ for everyday wear. I remember browsing through Australian fashion label, Kitten D’Amour’s store a few years back and thinking how much I loved their quirky vintage pieces as there are pieces there where you can dress them up for that special themed occasion or dress them down by mixing and matching so it suitable for everyday work wear. I’m so pleased there are stores in Sydney where I can try these pieces on as sometimes you don’t know whether a size 10 is a standard size 10 or a smaller version of a size 12 or a larger version of a size 8. Ladies, you know what I mean.

I love dressing up for special occasions so I decided to wear Kitten D’Armour to the Sydney Opera House’s vintage glamour, cabaret, Blanc de Blanc performance event last night.

The pieces I wore to the Summer Playground for cocktails and the performance at the Sydney Opera House last night include the D'Amour timeless, passionate red draped cowl top, which has a luxurious silk feeling on the skin that is light and airy for Sydney summer evenings to allow your skin to breathe; the D'Amour lace fishtail skirt, which was a comfortable fit for me in a Size 10 without feeling restrictive in walking even with a fishtail cut; comfortable low heel black Mary Jane like Gogo Shoes perfect for my usual blogging duties of running around doing event and food photography for the event last night; Bow Belt and the Retro Wing Sunglasses for that elegant vintage touch to the outfit.

What I love about this outfit is that it's a classic, not too over the top and the pieces I chose are versatile enough that I can wear it again by mixing and matching with other pieces.

And the Audrey Hepburn style hair to go with the Kitten outfit, knowing it can get breezy for photography at the Sydney Opera House, I tied into a lose French knot which took 5 minutes to do after a tease at the front, part to the side, bunch into pony tail at the back loosely, twist, clip it up, pin bobby pins loosely and some hairspray to hold.

Love my Kitten!

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