Monday, September 14, 2015

TODS: Luxurious Shoes Made for Wandering ...

“Everytime you come here, you find something new … a hidden beauty … it’s very subtle … travelling on your own you learn a lot about yourself … kind of living on the edge … I love just to walk around and find cool little corners … it may just be a place or a vibe …it’s almost like a home like you have never been to … it’s very beautiful … In Italy everyone has their own classic style, … everyone is very aware of their style …”, the lady in the American accent in the TOD’s 2015-16 Autumn Winter Campaign says.

From my love of fine Italian menus at restaurants to fine Italian fashion, the “Made in Italy” fashion label conjures images of elegance, sophistication, confidence, practicality, subtlety and femininity. As I watch the lady wandering the streets, it resonates ... I can see myself as the wanderer in the city streets where I too love to walk around and find cool little corners, places or vibes. I’ve lived in Sydney all my life and I am still finding those cool little corners, stopping at a few restaurants and cafes along the way.

TODs is a label for a woman always on the move, a woman who likes practical sophistication.

I was given the opportunity to adorn my feet with TOD’s iconic Gommino driving moccasin shoes and new Fringe laser cut Flower Bag for a photoshoot. On screen, these pieces are beautifully crafted and in real life, these pieces will make you melt ... the leather is so beautiful, buttery soft.

With a nine to five job in heels, there is nothing more I look forward to on a weekend than to take them off from my tired feed and slip into TOD’s signature gomminos.

TOD’s gommino shoes and flower bag are elegantly underdone, intensely feminine, refined, casual yet professional. The soft chromatic paste pinks shade is ideal for Sydney Spring/Summer and are great little additions of adorned luxury with my favourite weekend outfit of jeans.

It was interesting to read a New York Times story of the Italian fashion design TOD’S which was started by Diego Della Valle since the 1970s, when he took over his family’s shoemaking business and rebranded it J. P. Tod’s, a name he found in a Boston phone book. Something wasn’t quite right about the black sport shoes that Diego Della Valle once wore on a stroll around the sleek campus and factory that form the heart of the Tod’s luxury shoe empire.

“I don’t like the way they feel,” he says stopping mid-stride to study his feet more closely. “It’s the part around the toes,” he says. “It needs to be rounder.”

My first impression of TOD’s brand is neatly summarised by Valle comments in the NY Times: “There is a time to be chic and sportive, there is a time to be sexy and feminine, but it’s hard to find the balance, and Tod’s has done that.” 
Beautiful luxury. Love TODs.

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