Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2015: Red Carpet Designers

I’m not a celebrity, but I’ve worn a Red Carpet dress on a red carpet. I never anticipated a year ago that I would walk the Red Carpet at the Helpmann Awards 2015 held earlier this year to celebrate the finest in Australian talent in the performing arts industry. I love dance as a sport, as a form art and musical theatre which just so happened to lead me down this path. A case of following your passions and you just never know where it might lead to. Having experienced a high profile award ceremonies like the Helpmann and not to mention having gone through the process of the creation of a couture wedding dress from beginning to the end, I naturally was excited to see the Red Carpet Runways at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2015 last weekend.

What is it about Red Carpet dresses that gets me excited? A Red Carpet dress signifies you are at an important event; the dress should be a one off design; it gives your image a royal boost; the back of the dress is just as important if not more important than the front of the dress; and it show cases the designer’s finest work as they would have spent thousands of hours creating that one off piece instead of creating many pieces of ready-to-wear. But the truth be told, I like the feeling looking important and expensive once in awhile. Who doesn’t?

I recall an elderly gentleman who was part of the performing arts industry for many years came up to me and said “Few people dress for award ceremonies nowadays. In my early days, these ceremonies were royal like events. Well done for making the effort to dress the way you do.” And my response to that would be “Well done Rosalynn Win for making my dress for this event!”

This photo is courtesy of the photographer of the Helpmann Awards which is on their Facebook page. I was absolutely stoked to have worn Rosaylnn Win Haute Couture’s Red Carpet dress for the Helpmann Awards 2015. The beautiful spirit, talented and humble fashion designer, Rosalynn designed my wedding dress last year for my wedding on Hamilton Island. Dress fittings for this event brought back wonderful memories of my dress fitting sessions with Rosalynn as it wasn't simply just a dress fitting. It was an experience where we had so many good laughs and fun, where friendships develop. My matching jewels have been supplied by the wonderful wedding jewels designer
Tessarella House and makeup by Sonia Allen Makeup.

Monday, September 14, 2015

TODS: Luxurious Shoes Made for Wandering ...

“Everytime you come here, you find something new … a hidden beauty … it’s very subtle … travelling on your own you learn a lot about yourself … kind of living on the edge … I love just to walk around and find cool little corners … it may just be a place or a vibe …it’s almost like a home like you have never been to … it’s very beautiful … In Italy everyone has their own classic style, … everyone is very aware of their style …”, the lady in the American accent in the TOD’s 2015-16 Autumn Winter Campaign says.

From my love of fine Italian menus at restaurants to fine Italian fashion, the “Made in Italy” fashion label conjures images of elegance, sophistication, confidence, practicality, subtlety and femininity. As I watch the lady wandering the streets, it resonates ... I can see myself as the wanderer in the city streets where I too love to walk around and find cool little corners, places or vibes. I’ve lived in Sydney all my life and I am still finding those cool little corners, stopping at a few restaurants and cafes along the way.