Sunday, May 3, 2015

Black Velvet Sydney & my Birthday Reflections …

Today, on 3 May, I celebrate my birthday in style with this beautiful Dior inspired cake. I wont tell you how old I’ve turned but let’s just say I’m still in my 30s (just!). I always try and reflect what I’ve achieved as I turn another year older. Well this time last year, my blog was at its embryonic stage with only an inspiration and a passion. Today, my blog has a clear pulse and has come to life. I reflect on the amount of people my Blog has lead me to meet and connected with some of whom I am lucky enough to call as friends.

I recall listening to a talk this time last year live on ABC Q&A with one most powerful women in the world, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde who said in her response to a young teenager’s question on whether she has any regrets in life. Madame Largarde said, “From my personal experience, you don't necessarily succeed on all fronts at the same time. So you should try to be yourself, do your best, and have as much confidence as you can in what you do, and not hesitate to call for help from other women, from other men, from family members, from husband, companion, however, because it's a joint operation. It's not flying solo.” This is true I find. You don’t succeed in all areas of your life at the same time but you have to work out what your passions are, be realistic, know who your real supporters are and ask for assistance when you need to as it’s definitely not flying solo. Nobody is perfect, no situation or circumstance is perfect.

About just over year ago through following a passion of setting up my Blog, I crossed paths with a lovely lady and friend Sam who has her own PR company, Sammway. Sam also came across cake designer, Orlando from Black Velvet. Knowing that I'm a foodie, Sam introduced me to Orlando whose creative talents are endless (he's also a wedding floral designer). You walk into his shop and it will ensure any blogger had nice photos to fill any photo drought for the rest of the year.

Orlando told me his story and he does not make just any ordinary cupcakes. After trying cupcakes in Sydney and in Melbourne, Orlando asked, “Why doesn’t Sydney make good cupcakes?” I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of cupcakes because the ones I’ve tried are either too sweet, too dry, icing too hard etc. Orlando worked on, with advice from his mum that if he was to make the best cupcake in Sydney he needs to come up with his own recipe and he has. Orlando even travelled to Singapore to try the cakes there as Asian cakes are known to be soft and fluffy (but sometimes too sweet because of the icing). He also learned from a French pastry chef to come up with the cream. So he fused East and West recipe together to create Black Velvet’s premium quality cupcakes in Sydney. You have to try them because they do melt in your mouth, are light fluffy, not too sweet but sweet enough. You have to try put the whole thing with the cake and cream in your mouth to optimise the flavours in your mouth.

I will leave you with some photography of Black Velvet’s beautiful sweets. Enjoy your Sunday!

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