Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Wintergarden Bloggers' Lunch

I love working in Sydney CBD. Being passionate about food and dining venues ensures you are very connected with Sydney, not only with what’s happening, what’s coming up, the new venues but the people you meet who you do not ordinarily encounter every day in my day job. A lunch break on a weekday is not just a ‘lunch break’ for me but an opportunity to try out a new venue, new cuisine, meet or get to know everything about the restaurant within a space of an hour. 

Photo courtesy of The Wintergarden

Wintergarden launched on 1 O’Connell Street, which some may label is a ‘food-court’ is much classier than the label ‘food court’ suggests. Housing nine food tenants, serving cuisines such as sushi, cakes to slow-cooked lamb, the venue is about comfort and quality. To make your life easier, there’s also a dry cleaner, Maurice Dry Cleaners (I’ve used these guys for years and they are based in Wynyard station too – haven’t lost anything yet), shoe repairer, Wintergarden Shoe Repairs (handy for people like me who seem to grate their high heels from too much running around from meeting to meeting in Sydney CBD), a newsagent, Wintergarden Newsagency and a barber.

Who are the food tenants and what did they offer at a recent Wanderlust at Wintergarden Bloggers’ Lunch?

#1 Bowery Lane: For my blog followers, I think you are well aware this is one of my favourite restaurants from the number of posts I’ve posted of their beautifully presented and delicious food. Bowery Lane offers a blue chip Manhattan dining experience in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Classy, chic, yet casual restaurant with a modern but rustic, industrial fare with a cutting edge menu to ensure you keep coming back for more. This place just buzzes with energy. And for burger lovers, this place is what I’ve labelled as the ‘The Burger Lab, Bowery Lane offers one of the juiciest and tastiest burgers in Sydney. Check out more food photography of Bowery Lane’s menu in this blog post. 

#2 CBD Noodles: Praise the Chicken Laksa! An Asian rapture in a bowl, a rich spicy noodle soup of Southeast Asia, a soup you want to bathe in…sweet, spicy, fragrant, springy noodles in a bowl. LAksa is what this place is about.

Blogger's photo courtesy of The Wintergarden

#3 Sushi Hub: This place is about bringing the freshest traditional sashimi, salads, bento boxes, maki rolls, nigiri and soup.

#4 Chur Express: Everyone love burgers and this place is only about burgers. Chur Express sold over a massive 350 burgers on their first day of trading

#5 Los Vida: This place is about authentic Mexican food

#6 Crema at the Garden: Beautifully presented cakes perfect for afternoon tea

#7 Soul Origin: With bread supplied with premium breadmaker Sonoma, try their scrumptious baguettes.

#8 Wintergarden Deli: This place is about salads and rustic frittatas as well as Nutella frappe. Divine!

#9 Top Juice: This place provides made to order green juices, nutritional juices, smoothies and protein shakes, indulgent yoghurt and chocolate dipped strawberries.

When I go to bloggers lunches I often get asked how do you fit it all in? How do you eat it all? The truth is that I don’t eat everything that’s served. I physically can’t but I do taste everything, enough for me to know whether it is bloggable or whether I should take my family or friends next time. There’s so much happening at blogger lunches. It’s not just a lunch. It’s so much more than that. Tasting food is only one thing we concentrate on. Getting that perfect food shot is our first priority so that we can share it with our followers and readers so that it looks appetising on social media. Food photography is serious business, hard work and we love it. We take pride in our work, take pride in being to share the awesomeness we’ve experienced, and take pride in hearing the feedback from our readers and followers when they leave comments on our posts to say “Yep, we went there based on your recommendation and 100% agree with you!”

Yes, this is what we, the royal food bloggers are about and look like (see photo above) trying to bring the best of dining establishments’ dishes, ensuring it looks appetising, delicious and photos do justice to a restaurant owner or chef’s craft. Yes the food does get cold but our first priority is to get that perfect shot in the heat of the moment when it’s served so the food reflects the food’s true form. It needs to look good enough so that you want to reach into your iPhone, grab it out and eat it. Not to mention, blogging events are a great way to connect with other food bloggers who share your passion.

So a food blogging lunch is not just a lunch, it’s so much more than that. It’s about connecting a community. The Wintergarden Bloggers Lunch was about connecting Sydney.

The Wintergarden
1 O'Connell Street, Sydney NSW

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