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BahBQ Brazilian Grill | Crows Nest

I went to BahBQ Brazilian Grill for dinner last night. So I found out about BahBQ - Brazilian Grill located in Crows Nest, in Sydney's Lower North Shore from a young lady who is Brazilian and knows Latin American cuisine well. The food, Cristiane told me, reminds her of how it was back home in Brazil when she had Sunday lunch with her family. Speaking with Jose, the restaurant owner, he reaffirmed that the dining experience at BahBQ Brazilian Grill replicates what Sunday lunches would be like with family in Brazil.

I didn’t really know what authentic Brazilian food was at first and it was such a pleasure to learn more about this cuisine this weekend.

The word “Bah” is exclusive to the Gaucho people of the Pampas border of southern Brazil, whose culture is based around cattle breeding and agriculture. Being a very simple bunch, and very rustic, they love wood fire barbecues, and plenty of food on the table.

Ambience and Location

BahBQ Brazilian Grill is situated in the heart of Crows Nest, in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

The establishment has a rustic, inviting warm feel to it with hospitality of the staff to match. You will see the Iron Bark wood displayed across the wall which is used to burn to BBQ the meats they serve you.

The kitchen is an open area where they BBQ all the meats and watching the staff grilling and carving the meats is a delightful and interesting experience in itself.

Food, Wine, Desserts

The meats…

For dinner, we had an endless variety of fire-roasted meats, poultry, sausages, seafood, grilled haloumi cheese and spiced pineapple served from BahBQ Brazilian Grill's specially designed BBQ. All the grills are carved at your table in little pieces so you can try a bit of everything. Their Churrasco items are spit roasted over Natural Charcoal and Iron Bark to create an intense heat of aroma.

“What does Churrasco mean, Jose?” I asked. Jose replies, “Churrasco means BBQ in Spanish”.

The BBQ Pineapple was one of my favourites (I probably had about 10 servings of this!) as it was so delicious being marinated in brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and balsamic.

The wine...

The Mendoza Argentinian wine is wonderful. I thought I could only drink French wine as its soft and light on the palate but this red wine is very easy to drink too. It's intense red, soft notes of vanilla, chocolate and smoke that works wonderfully with the meats.

Sides and condiments…

The lovely Brazilian restaurant owner Jose tells me Brazilian cuisine has been heavily influenced by the Italians, German and Spanish and this is reflected in the sides that come with the Churrasco

When you have the Churrasco you will also get condiments that comprise of chimichurri, tomato & red pepper salsa, chilli jam, roasted cassava flour and hot chilli. As sides, you will get fried polenta, cheese bread and spiced crumb banana, black bean and streaky bacon stew, fine herbed rice with tomato almonds, rocket and Parmesan salad, creamy potato salad.


And the Churros with warm Belgian chocolate and chocolate fudge for dessert. Divine!

Sitting times on Saturday evening

There are 2 sittings for dinner, one starting from 6pm and another at 8pm as it’s so packed, a clear indication that this establishment is a crowd favourite. Thumbs up. Go and try it!


All food at BahBQ Brazilian Grill are prepared to a high quality standard. An amazing array of flavours in Brazilian cuisine that reflects its rich history of European influence. I love how the staff carve up the grilled meats at your table and its endless supply of it. This was such a wonderful dining experience. Thumbs up, go and try it.

BahBq Brazilian Grill
35 Albany Street Crows Nest
Sydney – NSW – 2065
(02) 9966 8203

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