Sunday, January 18, 2015

Penguins of Madagascar | Film Review

I went to see Penguins of Madagascar 3D at the IMAX today and you will leave the film with a smile. This animated film is the spinoff of the ‘Madagascar’ trilogy centred around four wisecracking penguins and delivers a fast paced humour to delight not only children but also adults…yes there were a group of adults in the cinema without children watching this film.

I took along two clever little girls who were See.Taste.Do’s mini guest bloggers for the day, ‘Jas and Juls’ to offer an 8 and 7 year olds’ perspective on the film.

Here is my interview with Jas and Juls after the film:

#1 Do penguins come from Madagascar?

J&J: No don't be silly, Penguins don’t come from Madagascar …I’m pretty sure penguins come from Antarctica.

#2 What is the film about?

J&J: The film is about penguins saving other penguins in trouble.

#3 Which part did you like? What is the funniest part of the film?

Jas: I liked it when Private hatched from the egg the second time and antlers grew on him. I also liked when the evil octopus, Dave was trapped in the snowglobe in the end.

Juls: I liked it when Skipper was crunching Cheesy Dibbles everytime the wolf from North Wind tried to talk and he got annoyed… 

#4 Why should your friends go and see it?

J&J: It’s very enjoyable and funny!  But you should try and watch the first Madagascar films first so you understand this one better....

Good tip Girls!

What about for the adults? Well, I have to agree with Jas and Juls about some of the funniest moments from the film. I probably could add a few more like when the penguins fell out of a plane into a desert and instead of getting on with what they had to do next they were spending an hour on a jumping castle. Another is when the penguins landed in Shanghai and they thought they were in Dublin and they tried to ship themselves to Shanghai which involved a truck driving around the block in Shanghai so they ended up in the same spot. Also I liked it when the octopus Dave (voice of John Malkovich), who was jealous of the penguins’ cuteness, tried to operate Skype to communicate his evil plan but couldn't work out how to unmute. 

There is no shortage of witty one liners that only adults will get too such as: “Drew, Barry," Dave orders his minions, "More power!"; “Kevin, Bake on!” "Nicolas! Cage them!" and "Halle! Bury them!"

There you have it…a review from an 8 and 7 year old’s and an adult’s perspective giving this film a thumbs up. Three people consensus - you can’t go wrong.

Trailer to Penguins of Madagascar

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