Monday, October 6, 2014

Sydney Dance Company Louder Than Words performance

I went to the preview of Sydney Dance Company's Louder Than Words performance at Sydney Theatre over the weekend with a friend who I met in jazz classes at Sydney Dance Company. 'Scattered Rhymes' a performance choreographed by Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company's Artistic Director as part of the Louder Than Words season is a reflection of the sheer joy and physicality of movement, action and dynamism. Whilst I have taken dance classes at Sydney Dance Company and elsewhere, I actually have not seen a performance live on stage and to the high standards delivered at the Sydney Theatre on Saturday night.

Each dancer's movement was so fluid and effortless. Their body movements had the power of athletes, but told a story and were softened and synchronised through the use of poetry and musical vocals. You will feel the energy of the dancers poured into the performance on stage.

You will hear capella vocals and wonder how that came about. The story of Rafael Bonachela's inspiration for choreographing the dance is interesting. Rafael has always loved the voice, and incorporated the purity of the capella voice (inspired by his days as a choirboy in church in his childhood days), poetry and dance into the choreography. Rafael's thinking centred around how a contemporary dance piece might evolve from a short piece of music with stylistic reference to 14th century religious choir music and the poetry of Petrarch about unrequited love. Rafael played with small fragments of ordinary speech as a commencement point for creating movement and response.

Rafael, in his choreography, wanted to find a movement language in response to the poetic structure. The dancers were asked to respond to individual sections of poetry, to create movement phrase that would contribute to a physical language of the poetry. It was like a dance sign language. Go and see it. Louder Than Words is showing at the Sydney Theatre 4-18 October.


Sydney Dance Company is also running a competition of striking your loudest pose by hashtagging #SDCLouder. This is our entry - haha! Loads of fun when we choreographed our own energetic bollywood routine for a Christmas function held at the Sydney Opera House a couple of years back! Our inspiration was cricket - Australia vs India! Called the 'Cricket Bollywood' routine. If our pose is not loud enough, the audience certainly were! You can watch it on You Tube. Glad they enjoyed it. Ah, the memories. So much fun!

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