Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ready to have intelligent conversations? TEDxMelbourne | 10 October 2014

TED events have always been about discovering groundbreaking ways to interpret our environments while employing open ideas and themes. 

Melbourne welcomes the 5th annual TEDxMelbourne to the stage. TEDxMelbourne is known for its carefully selected speakers and strategically curated environments.

The event’s theme Off the Grid means unrecorded, untraceable through normal means. On October 10, TEDxMelbourne offers an environment stripped of the typical coercions and governance society builds around us everyday.

The theme targets the City of Melbourne as it was designed on a structural grid. We dare to reflect on Melbourne’s grid design in a literal sense and how it has governed our behavior in a metaphorical sense.

Each TEDxMelbourne speaker harnesses an intangible, an idea, and brings it to life through the power of storytelling, but not just any kind of story. Every story is an extension of who the speaker is and how emotions like pain, joy, excitement, inspiration, curiosity, and wisdom have shaped who they are today.

This event boasts renowned speakers like Dianne McGrath, Dr Cathy Foley, Max Walker, Ant Williams, Ken Cato, Marshall Thurber, Michelle Gallaher, Torb Pedersen, Victor Rosenberg, Andrew Gason, and Sandy McDonald.

If there are some names you don't recognise so we encourage you to visit to understand how powerful our speaker line-up is.

This is one experience that is absolutely priceless and will stay with you forever. The cost to bring this event to your doorstep is $125 for students and $145 general admission.

This year, you will learn how truly transfixed you are by your environment. Clear your mind, body, and soul - TEDxMelbourne would like to take you Off the Grid for the entire day.


 Only days left to buy tickets

Event Date: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, 10 October 2014


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