Monday, October 20, 2014

Daisy Dining Daylesford

“Someone from Instagram wants to try my food…and what’s more, she invited me to dinner”, Rachel from Daisy Dining Daylesford relays amusingly to her uncle of a crazy Instagram follower last week, who just so happened to be me.

Yes, I met Rachel from Daisy Dining Daylesford through Instagram. I had planned a trip to Daylesford as I have heard so much about the hot mineral springs in the beautiful country town of Victoria about an hour away from Melbourne CBD. It's funny how you set a goal and you come across things or people unexpectedly along the way.

Daisy Dining Daylesford is a private catering service in Daylesford and you will need Rachel when you get there. When you arrive at Daylesford, whilst there is an awesome fine dining establishment like The Argus, you can’t really have that every night and takeaway places are scarce (or non-existent). Given you are in the country, it seems fitting to try home baked meals made from local produce. Daisy Dining offers high quality privately catered meals for lunch or dinner.

Rachel told me how Daisy Dining Dalyesford was inspired by her mother’s love and passion for cooking and Daisy Dining was born in memory of her. Rachel grew up cooking with her mother who did many cooking classes including Cordon Bleu and Di Holuigue and spent most of her life asking for beef bourguignon and souffles.

All catering is freshly prepared from local, free range and happy farms. All dishes are homemade, from the stock to the crème anglaise. One of our travelling parties had dietary requirements and Rachel was able to accommodate for this.

We had a party of four and we ordered the following (the servings are very generous):

Vegetable Salads with Meredith Goats Cheese

Green Salad with Jonai Farms Bacon

Beef with Holgate Ale

Lamb and Barley braise with Citrus

Bake free range Chicken with porcini and Cool Country Dutch Cream Potatoes

Basmati Rice

Apple and Berry Crumble with Harcourt Apples

My Eton Mess

Pears poached in Vanilla, Cinnamon and Des O'Tooles Honey

Free Range Vanilla Ice Cream.


You can’t fault Daisy Dining’s service. The food is exceptional quality and Rachel delivers all your food to your door piping hot.

Rachel, Thanks for accepting our invitation to dinner. Your food is amazing and your mother would be so proud of you! Well done. It was a pleasure to dine
with you in Daylesford and to try your delicious cooking. We loved it! Jen xo.

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