Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sweet Alma Handmade Traditional Toffee | Canberra

Sweet Alma’s Handmade Traditional Toffees are pretty exceptional. I got them on Friday and they are ALL GONE! Not only because they are deliciously addictive, smells delightful when you open the packet, are handmade from all natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours, makes awesome gifts for friends, families or special events... but also because there is an incredible story behind them and their creator Emma Shaw, straight from the heart of our nation’s capital Canberra.

Emma grew up with these toffees as a kid. Her mum always made them for her birthday parties, in little patty pans. Emma absolutely loved them, as they're the type of toffee you can suck on for hours. Emma knew this recipe as her mum's grandma's recipe (Emma's great-grandma Alma Kennedy, the original Sweet Alma). However, Emma was chatting to her grandma about the recipe just the other day, and her grandma told her that the recipe was actually HER grandma's recipe (Emma’s great-great-grandma Ada Macleod), and that it came out from Scotland. So five generations of women have made this toffee, and quite possibly more!

Emma’s grandma also told her the following story about her experience of the toffee as a kid...

It was WW2. Australia was on strict rationing and a week's worth of butter was just a quarter of a pound. My grandma was a child then, growing up in Clovelly, Sydney. Each Tuesday she and her brother would race home from school, wondering if their grandmother had baked for them. If there was a brown paper package on the mantelpiece, which there most often was, they were in luck. Grandma Ada had used her entire butter ration to make her famous butterscotch toffee just for them.

I love how a little bit of family history can be retained and passed on for generations.

The Macadamia toffee is delicious and with the nuts in it, I was in a dilemma as to whether I should suck or chew it. My mind tells me to go slow and suck it. My mouth tells me to chew it. The toffee is truly a delicious crunchy caramel that's buttery sweet (but not too sweet). The nuts are hand roasted by Emma. Love the red, blue and white logo...representation of the colours of the Australian flag!

These toffee pieces make perfect gifts or just as a treat, and are made from all-natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. Ingredients include raw sugar, butter, macadamias, malt vinegar.

Such a delightful treat!

Where to get them?

or you may be lucky enough to find Sweet Alma in the markets in Canberra (eg Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston, Canberra)


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