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Flavours of Malaysia at The Grace Hotel | Sydney

The Grace Hotel is hosting Flavours of Malaysia, a culinary celebration of Malaysia for a limited time from now to 12 October 2014. The Grace Brasserie on 77 York Street, Sydney has been transformed into an aromatic hub with the help of four Malaysian chefs who have prepared the menus and have been flown in from Kuala Lumpur especially for the event.

Malaysian food has no boundaries, being the universal language that connects people from different race and ethnicity. Many people from various cultures in Australia and overseas attended the opening launch last week and one thing that struck me was how generous, courteous and warm the people were. There were lots of exchanges of gifts. It was an enjoyable evening with wonderful people I had not met before. The food and people made the night and it goes down as one of the best opening launch nights I've ever been to.

Head Chef Tan Kok Siong and his team highlight specialty dishes from Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Perak. Guests will enjoy well-loved local recipes, authentic specialties and traditional food of the regions all in a decadent buffet style. This buffet will be available for lunch from Tuesday to Friday as well as Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. 

I was fortunate to dine in with my guest Emily Loo from Season 6 of Channel 10's MasterChef Australia 2014 last Saturday evening after the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2014. Emily Loo is known as the Spice Queen among family and friends and celebrated for her signature dish, Sarawak laksa. Her Malaysian-Chinese heritage brings with it plenty of flavour and Emily’s well-honed spice appreciation. Emily felt right at home at The Grace Hotel with the Flavours of the Malaysia buffet and labelled the buffet as a delicious and a very authentic reflection of traditional Malaysian cuisine.

Emily Loo MasterChef 2014 dined as a guest at the Flavours of Malaysia buffet at The Grace Hotel. But her home is the kitchen and more so if it's Malaysian cuisine. Her verdict...a deliciously authentic Malaysian buffet.

Flavours of Malaysia Food festival will serve an array of exotic, succulent, spicy and aromatic dishes over the two week food festival. Lunch and dinner will be served buffet style in the historic Grace Brasserie. Some of the food that will be served includes:

Soto Ayam (Chicken Herbs Spices Soup with Rice Cake, Chicken Minced & Potato Diced) -Penang


Nasi Putih (Steamed Rice)
Mee Siam (Fried Vermicelli Rice Noodles with Chili Paste & Dried Shrimp)
Rendang Tok (Beef Cooked in Grated Coconut & Coconut Milk)
Ikan Kari (Fish with Lady Finger in Curry Sauce)
Udang Tumis Petai (Prawn Sambal with Petai)
Tau Fu dengan Chili (Fried Bean Curd with Chicken Minced & Chili)
Sotong Goreng Garam Kunyit (Fried Squids in Turmeric and Salt)
Sambal Nanas (Pineapple in Sambal Sauce)


Roti Canai dengan Sayur Dhall dan Sambal Bawang (Roti Prata with Dhal Vegetable & Chili Paste Sauce)
Mee Udang Penang Style (Prawn Broth with Spicy Gravy) -Penang
Chicken & Beef Satay with Condiments

The Grace Hotel Sydney FLAVOURS of MALAYSIA FOOD FESTIVAL will run from
25th September – 12th October 2014.

For bookings, call 02 9272 6670 or email:

Pricing and further details:

$38* lunch buffet, Tuesday to Friday (12:00pm – 2:00pm)
$48* dinner buffet, Friday and Saturday only (6:00pm – 9:00pm)
$48* lunch buffet, Sunday (12.30pm-2.30pm)

Grace Brassiere - Level 2, The Grace Hotel, 77 York St, Sydney NSW 2000.
*Price is per person 


The Flavours of Malaysian buffet would not be possible without their wonderful sponsors: The Grace Hotel, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Ayam Brand 


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