Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Film: The Trip to Italy | Around Australia

I enjoy road trip films as I always seem to have a good chuckle. If you have ever been away on a road trip with friends or family, there will always be at least one story that generates much laughter, that is retold again and again at the dinner table for years to come.

I went away with friends and family recently and the one story that I am sure I will never hear the end of is when I left the balcony door open on 17th level of my apartment block on Hamilton Island. Razor sharp eyes of resident cockatoos spotted my absent mindedness, and seized their opportunity to flock together for a big party in our living room. It would be fair to say our mini bar was cleaned out completely by 30 cockatoos. The next morning I scrambled for a response when the reception lady asked, “Anything from the mini bar last night?” Thirty cockatoos in your living room wasn’t a pretty sight and for a split second I thought I was in the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds.

Anyway, there’s unlikely to be any cockatoos in the new film, The Trip to Italy, showing in selected cinemas around Australia from May 29, but with a name like that, it promises a travelling experience around Italy in the comfort of your arm chair, with comedy and drama.

The film is about Rob Brydon who has been commissioned by a newspaper to go on a driving tour of Italy from Liguria to Capri, partly following in the footsteps of the great Romantic poets. He asks his old friend Steve Coogan to go with him. As they journey through the beautiful Italian countryside they talk about life, relationships and their careers whilst stopping at wonderful restaurants and hotels along the way.

The Trip to Italy is the follow up to The Trip, the critically acclaimed and successful film of 2010.

The Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne is having an advanced screening on Monday, 26 May at 6.30pm if you want to beat the crowd before the film's official opening day. You can buy tickets to The Trip to Italy online for $12 for adults.

Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne
380 Military Road, opposite Spofforth Street and the Cremorne Town Centre (Shopping Complex). Only minutes from the CBD in Cremorne.

Advanced screening, Monday 26 May at 6.30pm
Official opening across Australia, Thursday 29 May

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