Sunday, May 25, 2014

Adelaide's Steven ter Horst Chocolatier delivers Australia wide

I live in Sydney. Steven ter Horst Chocolatier is in Adelaide. I’ve never been to Adelaide before. How on earth did I hear about or end up trying a box of chocolates from Steven ter Horst Chocolatier?

A work colleague from Melbourne caught up with me in Sydney and mentioned he went to the Adelaide Food and Wine Festival, noting that Steven ter Horst Chocolatier were some of the finest chocolates he’s tried. Originally I thought too bad they’re in Adelaide - I guess I won’t be trying them anytime soon. However, I had my usual surge of curiosity, acted upon it, googled them and found Steven ter Horst Chocolatier’s website. The website said “Australia Wide Delivery Coming Soon!”. I sent them an email and I was in luck. New Australia wide delivery of Steven ter Horst Chocolatier was launched and I probably am one of the first Sydneysiders to have Steven ter Horst Chocolatier chocolates delivered to me in the post.

How did the chocolates arrive? In a padded Australia Post bag. The chocolates were securely sealed in a beautiful dark brown box.

What did they taste like? These are no Cadbury chocolates. Velvet and smooth, and you can taste the quality and excellence in each piece. These are probably some of the finest chocolates I can remember tasting.

My favourite: White chocolate vanilla bean ganache rolled in flaked coconut.

Opening up my box of chocolates delivered from Adelaide by Australia Post

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier chocolates have been designed with maximum flavour in mind, the chocolates are made with only the finest ingredients – pure fruits, Tahitian vanilla pods, premium nuts, exotic spices and no preservatives or additives used to extend shelf life.

These would definitely make great gifts for friends or family anywhere in Australia. They can certainly do bonbonnieres and post them out to people too. The chocolates come in a 4 pack gift box and they could send many multiples of those. The gift boxes come in sizes of 9, 16, 24 and 36 to.

You can now taste the finest chocolates in this country no matter which State or Territory you live in. Order some today. They arrive in good condition and melt awesomeness in your mouth.

You can order online from Steven ter Horst Chocolatier website.

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