Sunday, April 20, 2014

What soy candles tickle your senses? | Shopping

As I strolled through the Easter Markets at The Grounds today in Alexandria, I could not help but stop to see what that wonderful smell was. I'm normally not a candle person - the only time I ever light candles is when there is a black out in my house (have you ever had that happen to you when you are in the middle of a shower? So impractical). Candles that I have come across and used generally have this waxy smell that the makers try to cover with some cheap scent. But you can tell these ones were different. The strong delicious whiff of Fragrant Flame Soy Candles ensured I had to stop to have a closer look at their products.

There was a quite a range of different soy candle scents and I (together with another shopper) had a problem choosing which one had the best fragrance. I like 'Sweet Seduction' as it smells like a cocktail of all the fragrances combined (the tantalising confusion goes with its name) and also Caramel Vanilla which smells good enough to eat, with its buttery toffee pop corn like smell. Each candle is only $25 so it's very affordable.  There seems to be some thought put into coming up with these fragrances as they were all different and equally appealing to the senses. I couldn't decide so I bought both.

I love these soy candles because they are strong smelling and you can leave the lid open and smell the scent from a mile away without burning it.

The monogram glass packaging is solid yet simple and elegant. 'Simple elegance' has always been my preferred style. The jar in which it comes in is something I could definitely reuse again either to store food or jewellery.

Fragrant Flame Soy pride themselves in making strongly scented soy candles using their own formula, which was developed after having purchased so many fragrant candles that did not live up to their promise.  Fragrant Flame Soy also burn beautifully clean and evenly from top to bottom. They individually hand pour each scented candle the 'old fashion' way, using 100% organic natural soy wax. Their wicks are made from cotton and contain no lead or zinc.

In addition to the strongly smelling beautiful scents, what is also different about Fragrant Flame Soy candles is that the melt pool that is created when you burn their candles can also be used as a skin moisturiser. I tried it - its true, you can use it as a moisturiser on your skin and smells divine, particularly as winter approaches.

Fragrant Flame Soy candles should also be congratulated for using their candles to make a difference by raising money for local charities.

Now that I have two newly acquired Fragrant Flame Soy candles, it looks like I won't be waiting for that next blackout to burn these candles. It'll be a lot sooner than that.

$25 per soy candle glass pot
Where to purchase?
See Fragrant Flame Soy website and Facebook pages.


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