Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Potting Shed at The Grounds

I went to The Grounds on Easter Sunday for lunch to spend some time with family. The day turned out to be more than just having lunch and coffee at The Potting Shed. The Easter Markets were on at The Grounds, the preferred coffee supplier for the upcoming TEDxSydney event, drew the crowds and truly was a photographer’s delight - so colourful and visually pleasing. I discovered there was so much to see, taste and do there, and so stimulating in fact I forgot it was lunchtime. I hope you enjoy the photos from Sunday's day out.



The Potting Shed sits between Salt Meats Cheese and The Grounds on Bourke Road, Alexandria.  If you are driving there, you can drive into the carpark area. We didn't have an issue finding parking but I am told it can get really busy and that parking can be difficult. There is 'dog parking' too. I suggest you go a bit earlier or later to be safe. You can also get a train to Green Square station and walk from there for about 15 minutes. 

I got distracted. Before we went for lunch at The Potting Shed, we could not help but to take a peek at what was happening at The Grounds as there was of buzz of people who seemed to come and go from the establishment.

As you enter The Grounds, there is a little barn of animals – a goat, a pig (Kevin Bacon) and a white chicken that looks like it has a mop on its head (I’m sure there is a proper name for this chicken breed, but I don’t know it). There was another section with farm animals where children could interact. The Easter Markets had stalls of local businesses that were selling a beautiful range of their unique artisan products – beautiful smelling soy candles, honey made on site by busy bees, bread and butter pudding, nuts, flowers, jewellery. I hope these markets are on again outside the Easter period. It’s best to keep up to date with The Ground’s Facebook page to see when they are on next.

The Potting Shed is rustic natural open spaced bar establishment that is newly opened for only a few weeks. It opens from 11.30am until 12.00am daily. The menu is diverse and is complemented by a unique beverage list, including signature cocktails, boutique wines and craft beers. They don’t sell coffee – you have to go to The Grounds for that.


There was a good selection of food from The Potting Shed menu.

We ordered the following meals from The Potting Shed:

#1 Battered Market-Fresh Fish of the Day ($22), served with handcut potato chunks and rosemary salt, lemon, watercress, radish and tartare.  The fish was fresh spiced with gourmet salt, which was delicious. A filling meal for lunch.

#2 David Blackmore Full-Blooded Wagyu ($20) Cheeseburger with shed made dill pickles, mustard seed onions, tomato chilli jam and lettuce, all on a poppyseed bun. The wagyu beef was moist, tender and a bit pink on the inside. Another filling meal.

#3 Bruschetta with goat cheese. This is a lighter meal if you are feeling peckish. The melted goat cheese on semi sundried tomatoes and herbs was delicious.

We shared the donut like dessert with jam but when it came it looked so delicious that I forgot to take a photo of it. Oh well, next time!


Service was quick and attentive at The Potting Shed. When you finish your meals, there is someone there almost immediately to clean up your plates, asking if you would like desserts next.


The Potting Shed, situated in a convenient location together with The Grounds and Salt Meats Cheese, is a delightful way to spend a Sunday. The establishment has so many herbs and plants it feels comfortable to sit in, like you are in someone's home garden. You can either laze around the establishment and check out the farmyard or have coffee at The Grounds or shop for deli items at Salts Meat Cheese afterwards. This establishment is not just in the 'taste' category, but because of its surroundings also 'see' and 'do' too!

41-43 Bourke Road, Alexandria
(02) 9699 2225
Mon - Sun: 11:30 am - 12:00 am

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