Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Cendana Spa | Sydney CBD

The spa industry in Sydney is ripe for reform. If you have ever gone overseas to places like Dubai, Hawaii, or Malaysia and tried spa treatments there, you will know what I am talking about. I find it difficult to find effective spa treatments (including facials and massages) that are value for money in Sydney. It’s a bit like buying clothing in Australia – if you travel a lot, you generally don’t or if you don’t travel, you would be wise to buy clothes overseas online. Clothes sourced overseas in my experience is much cheaper, more variety and much better quality if you invest in the time to look around (sorry, but buying Australian goes out the window). The same goes for spa treatments. I’ve tried some of the major hotel spas in Sydney but I would not say they are value for money nor would I make regular visit to these places as in most cases, it’s just as effective to buy good quality facial products and do it yourself.

Having said that, massages are not really my thing either – no one I’ve come across so far seems to have ‘the right touch’. I was at a friend’s place for dance practice and after a good workout, I thought to try their new Japanese massage chair which they labelled as ‘heaven’. I was left to try it in peace (with their seven year old son in the room playing computer games as the massage chair was in the study). All I could feel when that chair was turned on (and you had your arms, fingers, legs and feet in special compartments) was sweat and pain, as if the chair was eating you alive (and mind you I was the only one that had that experience). And that was on the ‘baby setting’. I hate to think what it would be like on the ‘pull of pleasure’ setting. I must have made a lot of screaming noises because my friend’s son said to me in a concerned panic, “Are you alright? Are you alright? Do you want me to get someone? Are you alright?”

Facials I can tolerate though better than massages. I thought I was long overdue for one and discovered The Cendana Spa in The Grace Hotel in Sydney recently. I have heard only good things about that place.

Location and Ambience

The Cendana Spa is located right in the heart of Sydney CBD, making it convenient to go for your spa treatment after work. It’s located on Level 1 of The Grace Hotel on York Street.

When I walked in the treatment room, it was dark, mystical, with an oriental feel. The room is filled with a wonderful soft floral scent. You hear the beautiful sound of the waterfall. The treatment beds have soft white drapes. It’s serene and an absolute oasis, freeing you from the worries of the world and gently leads you into a secluded escapade.


A Japanese lady called Kazumi was responsible for my treatment. The products she used for my treatment were the handmade organic Eminence products from Hungary and my skin absolutely loves those products, ensuring it was smooth, soft and radiating well after the treatment. The smell is absolutely divine and smells good enough to eat.

The products used for my facial include:

#1 Cleanser: Blueberry soy exfoliating cleanser

#2 Toner: Stone crop hydrating mist. Stone crop is like a type of cactus, with water storing leaves which hydrate your skin

#3 Exfoliant: Pear and poppy seed microderm polisher

#4 Masques: Stone crop masque

#5 Serums: Stone crop serum

#6 Eye care: Herbal eye contour cream

During the 1 hour treatment a gentle soothing sensation runs inside you, and giving you the peace of mind that the treatment employs the traditional secrets of health, beauty and relaxation of the eastern royalties.

Best time to go

After work early in the week. Thursday and Fridays after work are generally the most busiest. Bookings are required.


An 1 hour treatment will cost you $120. Check out their website for other treatments offered on their spa menu.


For someone as fastidious as me, this spa treatment was pretty exceptional. It was comfortable, not intrusive, relaxing to both the mind and body, and the makes you feel and look radiant after the treatment. The Cendana Spa is the only spa I would recommend in Sydney for both women and men.

Where? The Grace Hotel, 1/77 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone? (02) 9299 8948

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