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On the TEDxSydney menu | Sydney Opera House | 26 April 2014

“Food has the power to bring people together, and good things always come from that.”

At this year’s TEDxSydney event Jill Dupleix as curator has put on the menu a food experience that encapsulates the concept of coming together at the table, sharing food and ideas, breaking bread, and making all welcome – the good old fashion way.

Highlights on what is on the TedxSydney menu and where the food is sourced

Signature meal

A long-table lunch of soup for the full complement of 2,300 people. A hearty broth cooked up by ARIA Catering chef Simon Sandall using ingredients sourced from local food projects that work to provide opportunities for asylum-seekers and refugees to integrate with Australian communities including

#1 The Bread & Butter Project, a social enterprise that trains asylum seekers as bakers, will be on hand with pocket breads and sourdough, baked freshly by some of the program’s trainee bakers.

#2 Hyeronime Tshilengi Bukasa (a former refugee Congolese grower) sourced amaranth (quinoa grain) for the flatbreads

#3 Pope Saya, the pied-piper of cultured butter, will be producing ghee the ‘oil of milk’ of traditional Indian cuisine, for use in the cooking and baking

#4 Organic Soup Kitchen, St Canice Refugee Garden in Elizabeth Bay, as well as the Multicultural Enterprises Farm sourced fresh herbs.

#5 Mamre House, harvested by Burmese and Liberian gardeners, will supply leafy grees including kang kong (water spinach) and molokea (vegetable in Middle Eastern cuisine)

All ingredients will be masterfully transformed into a simple, nourishing lunch of soups, curries, flatbreads, chutneys and pickles by Matt Moran’s ARIA Catering, who have also invited a team of indigenous apprentice chefs from the National Indigenous Culinary Institute to help them on the day.


Breakfast pill – a vegetable matter casing packed with protein and all good things to get neurotransmitters firing on all cylinders.

Morning Tea

Green smoothies and house-made muesli bars, as well as crisp Pink Ladies from Batlow Apples

Afternoon Tea

Anzac biscuits and fruit cake, with special ‘glamingtons’ from new artisan baker, Luscious Kiki.


The country’s best coffee roasters from The Grounds of Alexandria, Allpress Espresso, Little Marionette, and Toby’s Estate each serving up their own signature blends, all ethically and responsibly sourced. Sensory Lab will make their first foray into Sydney after taking their pop ups to Korea, London and Milan.


Sydney based artisan loose leaf tea company Tippity will also make its TEDx debut, brewing up a selection of their authentic black and green teas.

Wines and Beers

Specially crafted young wine from Mike Bennie and Alex Reteif, who have been leading Australia’s natural wine-making scene.

Beer and gin from the Young Henrys Brewing Company’s limited brew that will incorporate native Australian ingredients, in both a new beer and gin (mixed with CAPI tonic) created just for TEDxSydney.

In an evolution from last year’s TEDxSydney which featured a beer made from hops grown in people’s backyards around Sydney, the team are harvesting the indigenous ingredients from Sydney’s own backyard, the Royal Botanic Gardens. The Gardens have also followed up on last year’s bee-keeping exercise for TEDxSydney by kindly donating 14kg of their honey for the day.

Yum. All of this is starting to make me feel hungry…can’t wait!

When? Saturday, 26 April 2014
Tickets to the TEDxSydney simulcast event held at The Studio within the Sydney Opera House in partnership with the University of Sydney are still available. Go to the TEDxSydney website to purchase them.
$125 and includes access to the TEDxSydney 2014 after party starting at 6:30pm.

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