Saturday, April 12, 2014

Corretto Café | Paddington

I was in Paddington on Saturday – it was cold, miserable and wet. I would normally go to my favourite café in the area to grab a coffee except the queue this time was long. It probably was also because of an auction that took place around the corner for a stunning Paddington terrace drew the crowds and people at the auction seemed to have the same idea and headed to the nearest café afterwards.

I decided to wander down further instead. I’ve always admired the charm and character of Paddington terraces so I didn't mind the walk. As I strolled down the back streets of Paddington, I noticed a new café called Corretto.

Location and Ambience

Curious, I walked in and received a warm friendly greeting from the owners, Alex and Roya, who advised me they had only opened Corretto for 5 months. It was great to see a new establishment in Paddington as I was starting to struggle to find good places for coffee in the area these days. I was starting to believe that Paddington’s cafes were becoming tired, run down and losing out on its appeal (have you noticed the empty retail shop stores in Oxford Street recently?) to areas such as Surry Hills and Chippendale where you can find good coffee and interesting cafes that have popped up in recent times.

The monochrome interior décor gives the establishment punch and presence. The high contrast combination adds some sophistication and drama to this little establishment. It is spacious with a choice of seating at the street level or the elevated section, making it a great easy speaking place to meet someone for a chat over coffee.

Coffee and Food

Alex tells me, “Locals say this is the best coffee in Paddington – go on ... try it.” Alex and Roya focus on making great coffee. I’m always curious how people come up with names for their establishment. On the menu you will notice what ‘Corretto’ means. It states:

“Café Corretto is actually an Italian beverage that consists of a shot of espresso with a shot of liquor, usually brandy. It is also known as ‘espresso corretto’. The Italian word ‘corretto’ corresponds to the English word ‘correct’.”

After the Merceded Benz Fashion Week After Party the night before, I could do without the brandy shot. So I had my usual café latte (regular costs $3.50). I’ve tried many cafes and variety of coffee and Alex and Roya really do produce great tasting coffee – smooth, not bitter and you’ll feel the weight of a full-bodied coffee on your tongue and its flavour will remain in your mouth for a while.

Although I didn’t go for lunch or breakfast, they have a good selection of freshly made sandwiches to choose from.  If you wish to indulge for breakfast you can try the sourdough with banana, ricotta, honey and cinnamon ($10); or cheese toastie on sourdough ($5).


Thank goodness for a new coffee establishment has opened in Paddington - another great little coffee place in Paddington with warm and friendly service.

Where? 225 Glenmore Road, Paddington
When? Mon - Sun: 6:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Phone? (02) 8964 8629

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