Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 minutes with Ray Badran | Sydney Comedy Festival 2014

With the 10th Annual Sydney Comedy Festival 2014 kicking off from 22 April 2014, one comedian who should be in your Sydney Comedy Festival diary to see is Ray Badran.

The first time I saw Ray Badran's show was at The Sydney Comedy Store last year, where he appears as a regular. Ray, with his wild hair and beer bottle in hand, is a genuinely funny guy. He has this relaxed, everyday-is-a-weekend demeanour about him with some of the most funny every day material that you can relate to. Ray’s tips on handling real estate agents before selling your home: download their Facebook pictures and frame then around your house before they visit for an appraisal (come on Ray, they’re not all that feral…in fact I know a few who would be crushed if you did that to them!). A friend of mine is also still recovering from sitting on Santa Ray’s lap at The Comedy Store’s Christmas Spectacular (and still can’t work out what to do with what Santa Ray gave her…let’s just leave it at that shall we).

Ray Badran is on again with his own stand-up show at The Factory Theatre (Tuesday 13 May – Saturday 17 May at 7pm) and this show is about the stupidest things he has ever done. If you’ve ever watched your car being towed away on TV, attended the wrong funeral, fallen asleep in a sauna, or ran out of petrol twice in one day, then this show is for you.

I caught up with comedian Ray Badran earlier in the week.

1. Tell me how comedy started for you?

I was inspired through my hatred and depression while I was at university. Most of the people that went to uni annoyed me and I found that university bred this false sense of confidence in people that hadn't done anything. I knew I could never get a job with my degree. Add to the fact that I hate working for people and that peak hour traffic made me want to kill myself and it was an easy decision. I also loved comedy!

2. Who inspired you?

All types. Every style. From Bill Hicks to Richard Pryor to Woody Allen to Borat to watching people walking into things.

3. When did you know it was what you wanted to do?

 As soon as I started and realised how to get into it. I was hooked.

4. What would you be doing if you weren't a comedian?

Probably trying to make some crazy invention in order to escape the grind. For a long time I tried to release my own brand of fortune cookies - misfortune cookies. I was so sure it was going to get me rich.

5. What’s the best gig you have ever performed?

Best gig is a tough one. There's been a couple of times when I've played to over 1000 people and those are great because the feedback from the audience is awesome. But I really love The Sydney Comedy Store and have had my favourite gigs there.

As part of the Sydney Comedy Festival last year, David Hasselhoff was in town and made a guest appearance. Now, the 'mascot' of the Sydney Comedy Festival is a gorilla. And the plan was that Hoff would reveal himself as the gorilla. But on the night, the Hoff didn't want to wear the gorilla suit until the final moment. So I had to wear the suit and essentially 'stunt double' for the Hoff. That is easily the most memorable experience I've had from comedy. There was one moment where I was sitting with the Hoff, in his dressing room, at the Opera House while we were both in Gorilla suits, just having a chat. That was weird.

6. Describe yourself in one sentence.

Someone who hates describing themself.

Where? Matchbox, Factory Theatre, Marrickville
When? 7pm
Tickets? $15, available online from
The Factory Theatre

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