Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 comedians I would see again after Sydney Comedy Festival’s Cracker Night

The first week of the Sydney Comedy Festival kick starts with Cracker Night at the Seymour Centre, a two hour show that had the audience roaring with solid laughter. Cracker Night showcased a line-up of comedians and a glimpse of their own upcoming stand-up shows if you had not seem them in action before.

I rated these 3 comedians as they were natural performers and smooth operators on stage - hilarious from beginning to end that will leave you grinning well after the show.

1. Tom Gleeson

As MC for Cracker Night, Tom Gleeson’s performance was smooth, seamless and clever. He took whatever bit of information the audience threw at him and threw it straight back at them with his sharp wit and humour. The financial adviser in our audience probably would have with the benefit of hindsight thought twice before revealing his profession at Gleeson’s show. For those who appreciate politics in this country, his send up on politics is pretty funny. Unless you have strong views or are easily offended, you can see Tom Gleeson’s only show ‘Quality’. It's only on for 1 night at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday 10 May 2014 (Tickets cost $39.90)

2. Felicity Ward

There was a good line up of female comedians at Cracker Night, which is a nice change and I did notice they all had one thing in common – they had been overseas for awhile giving them a new perspective to Australian life. This was the case for Felicity Ward who had lived and worked in the US and Britain for the past year. Ward moves proficiently from topic to topic in good humour from cricket, politics to insights of the use social media that has ensured we don’t mind our own business anymore. Ward’s show was a sharp and incisive performance. You can see Ward's shows on Thursday 8 May to Saturday 10 May (8.15pm) or Sunday 11 May (7.15pm) at the Wild Oats Wine Bar, Enmore Theatre (adults $34.90 and concession $31.90).

3. Jeff Green

UK born Jeff Green was on fire. Being on stage appeared to be natural for him, with his confident and relaxed delivery, and extremely funny anecdotes of his travel experience to Indonesia from food to volcano to animal experiences (for those who have been there, I’m sure you can relate to it too). Well told. His performance was a solid stream of laughs and a memorable way to end Cracker Night. Jeff Green’s performance was the highlight of the night. You can see Green's show on Friday 9 May or Saturday 10 May (7pm) at the Sydney Comedy Store (adult $37.90 and concession $32.90).


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