Monday, March 17, 2014

Why I like the Dutch Design Chair from The Karton Group | Shopping

Furniture designed respecting not only its function in a person's day to day life but also the environment deserves some special recognition. The Dutch Design Chair, which can be used as stool or a little table, is an innovative and quirky piece of furniture design.

5 reasons why I like the Dutch Design Chair

#1 Sustainable: The Dutch Design Chair is sustainable as it is made out of paper...cardboard to be exact, which makes it lightweight (896 grams) and easy to move around from room to room in your home.

#2 Eye candy: Visually, the Dutch Design Chair is appealing. It's a 30 cm x 30 cm x 34 cm cube stool that comes in various funky surface designs. I'm drawn to the shabby chic designs of Beechwood, Tree Trunk, Something Blue and Scrapwood. The one I have is Scrapwood that sits in my living room as an interesting and unique piece of décor. There are other designs with pop colours, which could work quite well in children's rooms.

#3 Sturdy: Despite being made out of cardboard, the Dutch Design Chair is quite sturdy and can carry weight of up to 200 kilograms. I'm not sure how it would handle coffee or tea spills, but to be safe I mainly use it as a chair to sit on when I have guests over my home, or it can be used to play a musical instrument, like the guitar or cello, as the stool gives you the freedom to sit anyway you need to without the restriction of a normal arm chair. If I was to use it as a table, I would place books or magazines on it, rather than food.

#4 Putting it together yourself: The Dutch Design Chair is sent as a flat pack, which means you need to put it together yourself. There are no nails or screwdrivers to put it together. It took me about 15 minutes to build The Dutch Design Chair. It comes with a manual and I found it pretty easy to follow.

#5 Affordable: Retailing $49 from The Karton Group, you are not paying hundreds for a stool that is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. Because it is lightweight and relatively small in size it would make a practical housewarming gift.

Where to get it?

The Karton Group sells the Dutch Design Chair online for $49 which is delivered to your door.


If you are looking to add something truly special and unique to your home, or are searching for a perfect gift, then the Dutch Design Chair has it covered. In a small way, the Dutch Design Chair will set your home or office apart from the rest.

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