Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adopt a Nomad from The Karton Group | Shopping

A nomad is a person with no settled home, who moves from place to place. That’s exactly the best word to describe The Karton Group’s recycled, double-wall cardboard modules - versatile enough to create permanent or temporary partitions for your home or office. An old school pal was offering a good home for the Nomads so we installed them at her work office.

The Nomad System is a modular architectural system that can be assembled into freestanding partitions without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. They come in packs of 24 modules (sheets) and there are 10 colours.

The Nomad System can also be configured to create doorways and corners, easily adjusting to any indoor space, including lofts, basements and office spaces. In my friend’s case, we built the Nomad System using 24 modules to see how it would turn out as a replacement for a worn out curtain in the patient’s examination section of her medical practice.


#1 Versatility. You can move them around and modules can be configured in any way you want without the need for a hammer or nails.

#2 Interesting: The Nomad System adds colour that pop, with an interesting texture look to an otherwise dull and boring room.

#3 Cost effective: It's a relatively cheap way to separate a room

#4 Sustainable: It makes you feel good knowing it's a sustainable piece of décor added to the home or office.


#1 Not waterproof. The Nomad System is purely for indoor and not outdoor settings

#2 Detailed instructions required. It might have taken less time if detailed instructions came with the box and actual pictures of what it should look like in the end.

#3 Colours might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Colour choice is limited to the primary and secondary colours. It would be great if it came in some lighter coloured swatches, along similar lines to a Dulux coloured paint fan deck for enhanced versatility.

Best way to put together

For us, there were 5 key steps in putting the Nomad System together:

1. Work out how many Nomads we had
2. Draw on a piece of paper how we wanted it stacked up
3. Figure out what texture look we wanted (from Googled pictures)
4. Figure out how the colours best matched by laying all the modules flat on the floor
5. Piecing it all together

The measurements of each module are:

Module Length: 53 cm
Module Width: 35.5 cm
Module Thickness: 0.5 cm

Where to get it?

The Karton Group sells the Nomad System online for $95 (for 24 modules) which is delivered to your door.


The Nomad System is a cost effective and versatile way to partition off a room at home or in the office. Once you work out how to pull the first 3 or 4 pieces together it's not that difficult in the end but some planning is required before assembling it. Although the colours might not be to everyone's liking, it is probably best to stick to no more than 3 matching colours if they're for a professional office. The Karton Group’s sustainable products are catching on so check out their other range too to see how you can mix and match (see my review on the Dutch Design Chair).

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