Friday, February 28, 2014

Sydney Architecture Walks

Sydney Architecture Walks is no ordinary, run of the mill tour of Sydney. You will see Sydney through a different lens when you spend a day out with the guys at Sydney Architecture Walks by exploring ideas through architecture. The tour also covers stories about the once unfashionable rag trade inner-city suburbs that are undergoing gentrification and are now rebranded into the new 'hipsturbia'. It is designed for those who like to use their heads as much as their legs. Sydney Architecture Walks was established by a bunch of friends who are architects and designers by profession, who simply love cities and love unpacking a city bit by bit to tell stories about the concepts behind the concrete shells, glass skirts and sandstone façade on a piece of architecture or unfamiliar landscape that defines Sydney today.

Read my full Weekend Notes article for more information about going on a Sydney Architecture Walk tour.

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