Sunday, February 2, 2014

Summer Comedy Smackdown 2014 | The Comedy Store | Moore Park

I went to see The Comedy Store’s Summer Comedy Smackdown with a bunch of friends on Saturday night and yes, we did the front row for the maximum experience. Just in case you are not a regular, the front row experience entitles you to wear an invisible ‘pick me, make fun of me’ sticker on your forehead.

The Comedy Store has become an addictive drug. What is it that makes us laugh? There seems to be many theories for this and one in particular is what is known as the ‘incongruity theory’, which suggests that humour arises when logic and familiarity are replaced by things that don’t normally go together…or to put it simply, we are ‘surprised’ by the unexpected. 

There were no shortage of good humour last night. The usual suspects were there: Andrew Barnett as MC, with his down to earth funny style and musings on parenthood. He picked on my friends but I forgave him as I laughed at his rounding down the marriage years observation; Michael Hing, intelligent comedian (and that’s not stereotyping), and funny man Ray Badran…I never tire of that BUPA joke.

There were three comedians last night that excelled in the incongruity theory ensuring that I needed to take my glasses off to wipe away the tears of laughter. They were:
1. Bruce Griffiths – There is one word to describe this guy’s comedy style – succinct. He was on a roll with his one liners. Too brilliant. He would be excellent on Twitter.

2. Tien Tran – West Australian and rough around the edges, his comedy style covers many themes, including making you think why you have a front lawn.

3. Rhys Nicholson - After a night with Rhys, you will never look at a bow tie or a shower head the same way again. Impeccably groomed Buddy Holly style, this guy does not hold back. Highly intelligent and highly graphic (be warned). A very polished comedian.

The Comedy Store once again does not fail to entertain. The house was full, the crowd was engaged and the emotional climate was high. Dear Comedy Store. Thank you for an awesome night!

When? Thurs 30 Jan - Sat 8 Feb 8:30pm 
Where? The Comedy Store, Moore Park
Price? THU $10; FRI $25; SAT $30
Bookings: (02) 9357 1419 or online

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