Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alimentari Cafe & Deli | Paddington

Some people know of Paddington Alimentari as an Italian deli stocked with meats, cheese, breads, olive oil, sauces, pasta and anything else that’s Italian. I know of Paddington Alimentari as a place to get great coffee and hazelnut biscotti. I saw this tiny establishment once I reached the end of William Street, Paddington after boutique shopping along that road last weekend. Paddington Alimentari is the bridge between the retail shops and residential terraces, situated on the corner of William Street and Hopetoun Street in Paddington. Usually, in my experience the best places to shop, eat or drink coffee in Sydney are places that you can’t see, well away from the main roads. This is just another one. The establishment has no website, so you will only know about if you stumble across it or someone else tells you about it.


Before a coffee stop at Paddington Alimentari, start walking down the road from the corner of Oxford Street and William Street, Paddington (from where Paddington Inn is located, which is another great establishment to get a bite to eat). There you will find beautiful tiny boutiques situated in the old Victorian terraces with the most unique selection of fashion, haute couture bridal and bridesmaid gowns, shoes and vintage gems. The little street reminds me of the little boutiques in Paris without the cobblestones. It truly is a delightful walk.

Paddington Alimentari is tiny. If you go just before lunchtime you can grab a seat either at the high bench top tables or outside and just chill out listening to the soul jazz music in the background. If you go during lunchtime around 1pm, then there are queues, a sure sign that there is something good going for it, but people seem to manage to squeeze together if you really want a seat.

Food + coffee

The latte here is pretty outstanding and leaves this creamy taste in your mouth. The hazelnut biscotti was not the hard crunchy biscuits that I expected. Instead it's soft. The inside of it is like soft cake mixture and biscuit on the outside. It has a nice texture and it’s not too sweet. Delicious.


Though the staff did look a little stressed due to the volume of customers and not as easy going and warm for a relaxing weekend, the service was quick so I really can’t complain.


With a toasty warm village like feel in location, this establishment is a must stop for great coffee for morning tea in Paddington.


2 Hopetoun St, Paddington, NSW, 2021

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