Sunday, February 9, 2014

One Fine Day Wedding Fair | Eveleigh

The choices available in planning your wedding day are just endless. Wedding invitations, wedding dresses, groomsmen suits, venues, décor and styling, entertainment, photography, bonbonnieres, jewellery, flowers - where do you start? Just looking at advertisements of the traditional run-of-the-mill bridal expos would start to give anyone a headache, and I think it is unfortunate the traditional expos have mixed talented designers of one off pieces with mass produce manufacturers.

One Fine Day Wedding Fair provides a solution to this by bringing together a selection of Sydney’s most creative designers together under one roof for a weekend. Haute couture, style, sometimes quirky, graceful, glamour, elegance and class are the words that come to mind when I attended this wedding fair last weekend, ensuring brides and grooms are inspired to come up with something that's just a bit different for their special day.


If I was planning my special day, these are the wedding boutiques that stood out for me as being just different:

1. Rosalynn Win Haute Couture

Young Miss Rosalynn exudes talent when it comes to creating one off designer wedding dresses. With creations of beautiful dresses in silk satin fabrics that simply flow, so soft and feminine, Rosalynn's 2015 collection modelled on the runway at the fair were simply stunning. You can get a glimpse of the runway here and Rosalynn's collection on her Facebook page.

2. D&d Letterpress

I love the look and feel of paper that is letter pressed. There is something vintage in the typography that is printed in this form. The letterpress breathes life and soul back into an otherwise static and two-dimensional medium you would get from normal digital printing. It's a labour intensive craft that requires great attention to detail and I appreciate the quality, detail and effort that goes into this form of print. D&d Letterpress is simply beautiful.

3. Whileaway Guides

Whileaway Guides provides a unique product catering for those destination weddings. They are essentially destination guides you can slot into a wedding invitation, and Whileaway Guides has done the hard work for you in the research of the things to see, explore, eat, drink and places to stay whilst you attend a destination wedding. They are 10 folded pocket-sized pages, written in itinerary style with a cute little illustrative map. Very easy to carry around. Very practical and a great idea.
4. Liana Raine Artisan Pops
For something different for wedding guests, Liana Raine Artisan Pops are makers of artisan gourmet ice popsicles in seasonal flavours. Each popsicle is made using only natural ingredients and the freshest, sweetest seasonal fruit and produce. This is perfect for those looking to avoid gluten, dairy, preservatives and other nasties.
These are just my picks but there were many more 'cream of the crop' talent at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair.

Whilst the fair for 2014 is over, it should be back next year so if you are planning a wedding and want it to look a little bit different, then check it out as your one stop shop for all your wedding and event planning needs.



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