Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cuban Fury’s Nick Frost Red Carpet Press Night | Around Australia from 20 March

Have you ever felt the power and the energy in something you are passionate about? What are you waiting for?

Check out my latest review in Weekend Notes on Cuban Fury’s Nick Frost Red Carpet Press Night.

What I didn't tell in the Weekend Notes article was my experience of the whole night, which is a story in itself.

Who the hell is Nick Frost I hear you ask? He’s a big guy with a big heart in the new romantic dance comedy film launched in Australia, Cuban Fury. An English actor, comedian and screenwriter and best known for the popular movie in the UK, Shaun of the Dead, a 2004 British zombie romantic comedy film (which probably means he’s not that well known in Australia at all).

My expectation of the night was that I was to do a film review of Cuban Fury for Weekend Notes. When I got there, the media guys told me, “Oh no, you have 3 minutes to do a one on one interview with Nick Frost”. At that point, I had kittens as admittedly prior to the screening I had no idea who Nick Frost was and had not done any prior research. If you have ever watched the film Notting Hill, I felt like Hugh Grant in that film. Hugh Grant wanted to see Julia Roberts, who plays an A-list movie star, but Grant was mistaken for a journalist of a magazine called, ‘Horse and Hound’ and had to wing an interview with the actors of a science fiction movie he never watched. It was hilarious, but that’s how I felt. I winged that interview too and thank god for 10-15 minutes to spare and Google. I was on Google iPhone researching the film and the actors, and it struck me Nick Frost and I had one thing in common that I was sure the other media guys didn’t and that was the challenge of learning to dance and performing it for an audience. When Nick Frost arrived on the red carpet and met me, we started chatting about that. All in all, he's a nice gentleman and gave everybody his time. A funny guy too. Nick was joined by a few Australian celebrities on the red carpet. Check out some of the photos of the night below.

The media guys gave me box seats to the film in the end so the night turned into one of those unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy the review article and go and see the film. You’ll have a good laugh. The film will be showing in Australian cinemas from 20 March 2014.


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