Sunday, January 26, 2014

Newborn Photography Workshops | Sydney

I’ve had some photography lessons on my Canon DSLR during my time travelling overseas over the past few years and have taken a lot of travel related photos of old architecture, landscape, and still life. Rarely of people though because I thought I wasn’t any good at it (I think it’s a confidence thing when you take photos of people you don’t know in the streets – I just never got comfortable with it). But you don’t have this issue when you take photos of newborns as all they do is sleep (or cry when they need a feed or something else that’s a bit messier to handle, in which case you just hand them back to their parents).

So I thought I’d give Erin Elizabeth Newborn Photography's workshops a go. Erin Elizabeth offers newborn posing and business workshops throughout Australia and she had her Sydney workshop in a serene southern suburb of Engadine which is the one I attended. Erin, a professional newborn photographer herself, ran an all Saturday workshop which was limited to a maximum of eight photographers. Because of this, it is a bit of a fight to get into given the demand.

Erin’s workshops focussed on how to safely pose, soothe, calm, and keep newborn subjects happy and sleepy. In addition to discussing how to set up a newborn session using natural light, we dived into lenses, equipment, exposure, and white balance so that you know how to get the perfect image.

With the workshop I attended, we were lucky to have 10 day old beautiful Eurasian twin girls who were absolutely adorable and so photogenic. Here are a few of the photos I took using my Canon 600D DLSR of the newborn twins (they were so well behaved and slept throughout the session):


Workshop attendees received a beautiful bag filled with a workbook (containing information discussed as well as additional information about setup, workflow, and business matters), as well as gift certificates and discount vouchers from Erin’s favourite newborn prop vendors.

Erin Elizabeth’s workshops also emphasises on setting up a newborn photography business. knowing how to find your market and run a legitimate and profitable business. The workshop also covers pricing, marketing, presentation, client relations, and other business matters.
Who are the workshops targeted at?

Professional photographers wanting to set up their own newborn photography business or expand their existing business. If you are new to photography, you may be better off taking a beginners course on photography that covers light, speed and aperture ie the basics of photography as this is assumed knowledge in Erin’s workshops.


The tuition cost is $1,500. A non-refundable $500 AUD deposit is require to hold your spot, with the remainder due one month prior to your workshop date.


This workshop was truly a unique and delightful experience.


Check out Erin Elizabeth Photography’s website for details on when the next workshops are on around Australia and internationally.

Phone: 0432 143 645

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